Government of India

  Ministry of Finance

  Department of Revenue

    Central Board of Excise & Customs


North Block, New Delhi

Dated,  16th March, 2009


            All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise

            All Directors General under CBEC

            Narcotics Commissioner.


Subject: Appointment of Election Observers for General Election to the Lok Sabha, 2009  and bye-elections Ė Requests for exemption


Sir/ Madam,


            I am directed to invite your attention to Boardís letter of even number dated 12.03.2009 requesting to inform the officers nominated for election duty as Observers to attend the briefing meeting on 15th & 16th March, 2009 in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.   Earlier, the Election Commission had been supplied two lists of officers on the basis inputs received from Chief Commissioners/Directors General through HRD Directorate (ListĖA Ė containing names of officers available for duty and List-B of non-available officers).    Based on List-A, the officers were called by the Commission for briefing meeting.  List-A was also uploaded on CBECís website ( 


2.         Some of the officers whose names appear in List-A have represented for exemption from election duty on compassionate grounds.  Requests regarding exemption have also been forwarded by the concerned Commissionerates on administrative grounds.    In this connection, it is stated that in terms of Election Commissionís latest instructions, request for exemption from duty could be considered on valid reasons provided the Sponsoring Authority also sponsors the name of another suitable officer from List-B.  Under no circumstances, an officer whose name appears in List-A can be offered as a substitute.  Further, request for substitution should be routed online through the Nodal Officer only.  Necessary formats for exemption and substitution are available at Election Commissionís website ( 


3.         You are requested to send your requisition for exemption as well as, substitution in the prescribed formats.  List-B containing names of officers who could be provided in substitution for officers seeking exemption has been posted on CBECís website (  The requests for exemption and substitution may also kindly be sent through E.mail ( as well as by fax (011 -2309 2401) and must reach us, complete in all respects, before noon tomorrow i.e. 17.03.2009. It may please be noted that no request for exemption/substitution shall be entertained thereafter.  The individual representations received in the Board so far are returned herewith for submission as per procedure indicated herein above.

Yours faithfully,



(R. Sanehwal)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

(Nodal Officer)

Telefax : 2309 2401

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