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  • CGST rates for Goods under different Notifications as amended from time to timeclick here
  • Letter to trade and industry associations inviting suggestions for budget 2018-19 has been issued and suggestions may be sent latest by 25th November 2017click here
  • IGST Rules, 2017 as amended upto 15/11/2017 have been uploaded
  • Letters regarding delivery and upgradation of IT infrastructure
  • Circular issued for manual filing and processing of refund claims in respect of zero-rated suppliesclick here
  • Notifications and Orders issued to implement the recommendations of the GST Council made in its 23rd meeting held on 10.11.2017.
  • Applications are invited for the post of Deputy Secretary/Director(ICD) and Deputy Secretary/Director(Drawback)click here
  • Letter regarding requirement of IT infrastructure at Customs formationsclick here
  • Field formations are requested to view the GST Performas with comments from GST-Policy wing on ‘’ (after login into MIS) and give Feedback.
  • Decisions relating to Services in 23rd GST Council meeting at Guwahaticlick here
  • Changes in GST/IGST rate and clarifications in respect of GST rate on certain goods as approved by GST Council on 10.11.2017click here
  • Press Release On Changes recommended in Composition here
  • CBEC Press Release On GST Rate here
  • Press release with respect to policy issues recommended in 23rd GST Council here
  • " Circulars on deemed export supplies from DTA to EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP Units and due date for generation of FORM GSTR-2A and FORM GSTR-1A issued"Click Here
  • Details of Vendors providing E-seals to exportersclick here
  • VPNoBB at Field Formations with less than 5 users/AIOs to be upgraded to 2 Mbps
  • Notification issued extending the due date for filing FORM GSTR-2 and FORM GSTR-3 for the month of July, 2017
  • Application of 'own merit' rule for determining seniority of Superintendents in Zones under CBEC here
  • Two days course on Prevention of Wildlife Trafficking for the officers of CBEC of the rank of AC/DC/JC/Addl Commissioners and Commissioners of CBEC on 27th and 28th November, 2017click here
  • Notification for waiving late fee on delayed filing of FORM GSTR-3B for Aug & Sep, 2017 issued
  • UPS upkeep & maintenance activityclick here
  • Circular clarifying movement of goods on approval basis has been here
  • Circular on Authorized officer for enrollment of Goods and Services Tax Practitioner has been here
  • List of ports and ICDs wherein e-seal readers are to be provided by the here
  • Incase of any LAN-WAN issues please call 18002662232/18001214560 or mail
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Current Press Release

S.No. Date of Uploading Description
120 16-11-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 16.11.2017 on -- "after Notf. on GST Rate Changes"
119 13-11-2017 Acceptance of Unique Identity Number of Foreign Diplomatic Missions / UNO while making sales or supplies
118 13-11-2017 Accepting of UIN of Foreign Diplomatic Missions / Suppliers.
117 10-11-2017 Press Release on Recommendations made by the GST Council on GST Rate Changes in the 23rd meeting at Guwahati on 10.11.2017
116 10-11-2017 Press Release On Changes recommended in Composition Scheme.
115 10-11-2017 CBEC Press Release On GST Rate Changes.
114 10-11-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 10.11.2017 on -- "Recommendations made by the GST Council in the 23rd meeting at Guwahati on 10.11.2017"
113 10-11-2017 Press release with respect to policy issues recommended in 23rd GST Council Meeting
112 30-10-2017 Last date for filing GSTR-2 & GSTR-3
111 24-10-2017 Press Release on GST Revenue Figures as on 23rd October, 2017
110 24-10-2017 Press Release on Waiver of late fee on filing of GSTR-3B for August and September, 2017
109 17-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 17.10.2017 on -- "Measures taken to reduce the pendency of cases with the Commr. (Appeal)", for taking necessary action.
108 12-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 12.10.2017 on -- issues pertaining to motor vehicles
107 11-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 11.10.2017 on -- Petroleum & Oil Sector
106 09-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 09.10.2017 on Last Date for GSTR-1 filing
105 03-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 03.10.2017 clarification on -- "Pricing of Petro Products"
104 03-10-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 29.09.2017 on "Extending Facility of LUT to more exporters."
103 28-09-2017 Payment of Service Tax in Transitional Period.
102 26-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 26.09.2017 on "GST Revenue Figures -September 17.
101 22-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 22.09.2017 on -- "Branded Food Products & actionable claim".
100 22-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 22.09.2017 on Blockage of working capital of Exporters
99 22-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 22.09.2017 on Clarification About Transition Credit.
98 20-09-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 20.09.2017 on - "On Branded Food Products &.; Actionable Claim", for taking necessary action.
97 02-09-2017 Regarding late fee for Taxpayers
96 31-08-2017 Rajaswa GyanSangam 2017
95 30-08-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 30.08.2017 on -- "GST (Compensation to States) Act 2017"
94 29-08-2017 CBEC Press Release Dt 29.08.2017 on "GST Revenue Figures - July 17
93 25-08-2017 Guidance for taxpayers in relation to GST
92 23-08-2017 Press release on Selling of Space for advertisement in print media
91 19-08-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 19.08.2017 on -"LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF GST AND FILING OF RETURN FOR JULY 2017 EXTENDED BY 5 DAYS"
90 17-08-2017 Press Release for Extension of GSTR FORM 3B
89 17-08-2017 On clarification regarding availability of transitional credit for GST
88 07-08-2017 Compensation Cess on Motor Vehicle
87 25-07-2017 The GST Saga
86 25-07-2017 National Anti-profiteering Authority under GST
85 21-07-2017 VISIT OF THE SG WCO
84 22-07-2017 Concerns of the tax payers arising from transition to the GST regime
83 18-07-2017 Clarification on GST rates on hotel accommodation
82 17-07-2017 Increase in the compensation cess on Cigarettes
81 15-07-2017 Press Release dt 15.07.2017 on - "Legal Services"
80 15-07-2017 Provisions related to registration in GST regime
79 15-07-2017 Applicability of margin scheme under GST on old & used bottles
78 13-07-2017 Clarification on Tax in Reverse Charge on Gold Ornaments
77 13-07-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 13.07.2017 on Lodging in Hostels
76 13-07-2017 Services provided by RWA (Resident Welfare Association) / Housing Society
75 11-07-2017 GST on Free Food Supplied by Religious Places
74 10-07-2017 GST Rates on Sanitary Napkins
73 10-07-2017 GST on Gifts
72 08-07-2017 Jammu & Kashmir Joins GST
71 08-07-2017 Clarification on migration, new registration, opting for composition scheme, and issue of Bills of supply
70 07-07-2017 CBEC Press Release dt 07.07.2017 on GST Rate Finder
69 07-07-2017 Press Release dt 07.07.2017 on "Education".
68 05-07-2017 Press Release dt 05.07.2017 regarding meaning of registered brand name in the context of GST rates
67 04-07-2017 Press release on GST-KI-Master Class
66 04-07-2017 Press release on GST rate for specified items for Physically Challenged Persons
65 03-07-2017 Press release on Abolishment of Check Posts.
64 02-07-2017 Press release on GST Implementation
63 18-06-2017 Press release regarding return filing
62 16-06-2017 Press release regarding Tax incidence dated 16.06.2017
61 15-06-2017 Reduced Liability of Tax on complex, building, flat etc. under GST
60 15-06-2017 Reduced Tax Liabilities under GST regime in comparison to present combined Indirect Tax rates
59 14-06-2017 Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit in respect of assignment of right to use any natural resource under GST--reg.
58 13-06-2017 CBEC Press Release dt. 13-06-2017 on increased outreach of CBEC in coordination with the State Govts. to reach the last trader
57 28-05-2017 CBEC Press Release on launch of a new twitter handle
56 26-05-2017 CBEC Press Release on 'GST on Telecom Services'
55 25-05-2017 "CBEC Press Release" on comparative analysis of GST Rates with the prevailing tax rates on Important Commodities
54 23-05-2017 "CBEC Press Release" on Tax Incidence on Entertainment Services under GST
53 22-05-2017 "CBEC Press Release" -- comparative analysis of GST Rates with the prevailing tax rates on important commodities
52 19-05-2017 Press note by Comm'te of Central Excise and Service Tax, Visakhapatnam
51 06-04-2017 Seizure of 14 kgs smuggled gold by DRI Kolkata
50 04-04-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 04.04.2017 on Indirect Tax Collections during the Financial Year, 2016-17.
49 31-03-2017 CBEC Press Release dated 31.03.2017
48 25-03-2017 Press Release on reorganisation of CBEC field formations for the implementation of GST
47 10-03-2017 Press Release on Indirect Tax
46 23-02-2017 CBEC press release in respect of launch of mobile application Mobile App Cutout - Home Page    |    Mobile App Cutout - Splash Screen
45 22-02-2017 Press Release on Annual Central Excise Day-2017
44 20-02-2017 Press Release on GST Outreach programme
43 10-02-2017 Press Release dated 10.02.2017 on indirect tax figures for January, 2017
42 23-01-2017 Press Release regarding grant of Presidential Award of Appreciation Certificate to the officers of the Customs & Central Excise on the eve of Republic Day, 2017
41 09-01-2017 Press note regarding migration of Existing Central Excise / Service Tax Assessees to GST
40 09-01-2017 Press note regarding tax figures for December, 2016
39 09-12-2016 Press note regarding indirect tax figures for November,2016
38 08-12-2016 Press note regarding credit card, debit card, charge card or any other payment card for payment of purchase of goods or services
37 01-12-2016 Press note regarding a visit of college students to ICD Sanathnagar, under Hyderabad Customs outreach initiative
36 28-11-2016 Press release regarding elimination of physical printouts for customs clearance
35 11-11-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 11.11.2016
34 09-11-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 09.11.2016 on Indirect Tax Collections upto October 2016
33 02-11-2016 CBEC Press Release on Udaipur 'Mandrax Tablets' seizure by DRI
32 28-10-2016 CBEC Press Release on First Meeting of National Committee on Trade Facilitation(NCTF)
31 10-10-2016 CBEC Press Release on indirect tax revenue collection
30 21-09-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 21-09-2016 regarding FAQ on GST by CBEC
29 12-09-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 12-09-2016 regarding indirect tax revenue (provisional) collections during the month August 2016
28 05-09-2016 Facilitation of trade relations and people to people contact between the BBIN countries initiated w.e.f. 05.09.2016
27 12-08-2016 Constitution of National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) Order
26 10-08-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 10.08.2016 regarding 'Chart showing Indirect revenue collection up to the month of July, 2016'
25 09-08-2016 CBEC Press Release dated 09.08.2016 regarding 'giving details of indirect tax revenue (provisional) collections during the month July 2016'
24 28-07-2016 CBEC Press Release dt. 28.07.2016 regarding 'Simplified Central Excise norms for Jewellary Sector notified'
23 13-07-2016 Regarding Sub-Committee of the High Level Committee to interact with Trade & Industry on Tax Laws to interact with trade and industry on issues relating to compliance procedure for the excise duty, including records to be maintained and any other administrative issues that may be relevant.
22 08-07-2016 Information on Indirect Tax revenue collection for & upto June, 2016
21 05-07-2016 Press Release on recovery of confirmed demands during the pendency of stay application of duty
20 01-07-2016 Press Release on imposition of cenrtal excise duty on jewellery -Extension of time limit for taking central excise registration and payment of duty
19 29-06-2016 Press release regarding tax payers Survey conducted by CBEC through FICCI and KPMG highlighting ‘Significant Initiatives taken by CBEC’
    Annexure-‘Significant Initiatives taken by CBEC’
18 26-05-2016 Press Release on Passenger Satisfaction Survey at CSI Airport, Mumbai
17 20-05-2016 Sub-Committee of High level Committee central excise duty on articles of jewellery
16 27-04-2016 Press Note regarding arrest of a Managing Director for evasion of Service Tax on 26th April, 2016 , - Central Excise & Service Tax Commissionerate, Mangalore
15 25-04-2016 Press release by CBEC for 'Extension of date for filing of ST3 Returns'
14 25-04-2016 Press release by CBEC for 'Litigation Management and Dispute Resolution'
13 23-04-2016 Imposition of Central Excise duty on Jewellery– Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee
12 22-04-2016 Imposition of Central Excise duty on Jewellery – Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee
11 08-04-2016 Simplification of procedure to deal with audit objections raised by CAG
10 06-04-2016 Press Release issued on 01/04/2016 on Single Window Project
9 30-03-2016 Press release regarding extended bank hours for conducting Govt. business on 31st March, 2016 (Thursday)
8 30-03-2016 Letter, dt. 29-03-2016, from Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts regarding opening of Banks on 31.03.2016 for conducting Government business
7 29-03-2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between National Law School of India University (NLSIU) and Department of Revenue (DoR)
Press Note
6 21-03-2016 Press release in context of imposition of Central Excise duty on jewellery – Constitution of sub-committee of the High Level Committee
Press Note   |    OM
5 18-03-2016 Press release in the context of Excise duty levy on articles of jewellery in the Budget 2016-17
4 04-03-2016 Press release clarifying the doubts of Jewellery industry in the wake of imposition of excise duty
3 23-02-2016 O.M. dated 23.02.2016 forwarding a CBEC Press Release(curtain raiser) with regard to Excise Day - 2016
2 19-01-2016 Press Release regarding various issues concerning the domestic Medical Devices Sector
1 05-01-2016 Press Release regarding FM met Officer Trainees of the 67th Batch of IRS (C&CE) on 02.01.2016