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  • Weekly newsletter from Chairman, CBEC dated 20/05/2017 - Click here
  • Classification Scheme for Services under GST, List of Services under reverse charge and Schedule of GST rates for services as decided in the GST Council meeting on 19.05.2017 - Click here
  • Chapter wise, rate wise GST Schedule and GST Compensation Cess rates as decided in the GST Council Meeting held on 18.05.2017 - Click here for Chapter wise, rate wise GST Schedule     Click here for GST Compensation Cess rates
  • Seven Rules and related formats as finally approved by GST Council on 18th May, 2017 Click here
  • PMM-16 and PMM-17 are to be uploaded by CE and ST commissionerates upto 20th may,2017, see DO Letter dated 02.05.2017 of Member (IT) - see details under "Department Officers > Management Information System (MIS)"
  • Providing building wise details of Formations and sanctioned strength in various Cadres - Click here
  • Kind attention: DO Letter from DGHRD enclosing the Reorganized GST formations, their jurisdictions and proposed staff allocation of all formations in CBEC - Click here
  • Kind Attention: GST enrolment window will re-open on June 01, 2017 for 15 days.
  • All Principal CC/DG are required to sent data on vacant land and hired premises by 22.05.2017.
  • Provisional IDs issued to Central Excise and Service Tax business entities registered in ACES till 31.01.2017 and not utilized by the entities are being cancelled as either not required or as non-usable. The IDs issued to entities registered in February and March 2017 or those IDs restored post State VAT cancellation are still active.
  • In case an entity needs a provisional ID to migrate to GST, please contact jurisdictional Central Excise / Service Tax officer to get the new provisional ID. In addition, an email be sent to from the entity's registered email ID in ACES. Kindly quote in the email subject line "PID required to migrate to GST" and provide your Central Excise / Service Tax Registration Number(s) in the email. Any issues faced earlier in enrolment may also be given in the email.
  • The enrolment process on GSTN portal ( would begin in a few weeks
  • Six training videos are available in DG (Audit) Group in ANTARANG
  • The schedule for three-days 'CBEC GST back end application training' at various NACEN RTIs is uploaded - Click here
  • The GST Awareness Portal of CBEC has gone live.Click here to access the same
  • Draft GST Rules on (1) Accounts and Records (2) Advance Ruling (3) Appeals and Revision . Please see under GST>GST Laws & Rules>Draft Rules.Comments are invited by 27.04.2017 at
  • The CGST, the IGST , the UTGST and the GST (Compensation to States ) Acts of Parliament have received the assent of the President and have been published in the Gazette. The Acts can be viewed on the GST webpage
  • Revised GST FAQ and GST Rules are available. For detail please check GST Section.
  • Bill of entry late filing charges and revised relevant date for interest come into effect. -  For details click here
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Legal Affairs

Report on important matters of CBEC Cause Lists * / heard cases

Letter dated 17.05.2017 by JS (review)
Board Instruction F.No.276/67/2014-CX.8A dated 15.05.2017 on the subject "Observation of Hon'ble Supreme Court in SLP (C) 3272-3276/2015-CCE, Ahemdabad-III vs. Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.; Need to carry out remedial action - reg"
Monthly Report of cases heard/decided in the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the month of APRIL 2017.
Quantum of Mandatory Deposits
Nonpayment of pending deficit Court Fee in Supreme Court appeals by various Commissionerates
Instruction dated 13.10.2016 regarding Pre-Show Cause Notice Consultation
"Unclaimed payment of Deficit Court Fee up till 22-03-2017
Regarding unclaimed payment of Deficit Court Fee
Instruction regarding assigning additional charge by Zonal Member for inter-zone allocation of work to commissioner(Appeal)
JS(Review)letter dated 08.02.017 regarding withdrawal of dept's appeal in HC

Instruction dated 30.12.2016 regarding enhancement of monetary limit for filing department's appeal in High Court
Supreme Court list of Cases filed by CBEC in between April 2016 to November 2016
Withdrawal of instructions regarding inclusion of Show Cause Notice issued in relation to sub-section (11) of Section 28 of the Customs Act, 1962 on the competency of officers of DGDRI, DGCEI and Customs (Prev.) in the Call Book dt 03-Jan-2017
Instructions regarding inclusion of Show Cause Notice issued in relation to sub-section (11) of Section 28 of the Customs Act, 1962 on the competency of officers of DGDRI, DGCEI and Customs (Prev.) in the Call Book dt 28-Dec-2016
Inclusion of Show Cause Notices issued in relation to sub-section (11) of Section 28 of the Customs Act, 1962 on the competency of officers of DGDRI, DGCEI and Customs (Prev.), in the "Call Book" dt 29-Jun-2016
Undue delay in payment of deficit Court fee
Hon'ble Punjab & Haryana High Court Order dated 22.03.2016 in Civil Writ Petition No. 24967 of 2015 in case of M/s. NVR Forgings and in CWP No. 26321/2016 in case of M/s. Modi Springs Pvt. Ltd.- reg.
Pendency in payment of deficit court fee
   list of cases pertaining status of payment
Instructions dt. 01-Nov-2016, from Board office (Legal Cell), regarding need for passing of quality orders by Commissioners (Appeals)
Quarterly Administrative Report on pendency and disposal of Appeals by Commissioner(Appeals) for the quarter ending 30.09.2016
Payment of dificit Court fees in respect of pending Civil Appeals/SPLs as per Supreme Court of India, Notification dated 27th May,2014 in terms of 3rd Schedule to the Supreme Court Rules-2013 on most priority basis
Board office letter dt. 30-08-2016 regarding flexibility of no. of Sr./Jr. Counsels for fresh panel
Board office (Legal Cell) instructions dt. 29-07-2016 regarding filing of reply/counter affidavit & imposing heavy cost to be recovered from the officer concerned
Board office (Legal Cell) instructions dt. 29-07-2016 regarding unified stand of Ministries/Departments in litigation; resolving the differences and common counter reply vetted through M/o. Law
Office Order No. 1/2016 regarding Sh. Sanjiv Srivastava, Commissioner, Additional Charge of DLA
Board office letter (F.No. 278A/33/2016-Legal), dt. 01-08-2016, regarding extension of date for issue of advt. for Sr/Jr Standing Counsels
Filing of Special Leave Petition under Article 136 of the Constitution of India before the Supreme Court
Pre Show Casue Notice Consultation in case other than those detected by Preventive / Anti Evasion and amount involved being more than Rs. 50 Lakhs
Constitution of fresh panel
Appointment of 251 Sr./Jr. Standing Counsels of CBEC to handle litigation of Indirect Taxes
   Order   |    Annexure-I   |    Annexure-II   |    Annexure-III   |    Revised Annexure
Order of Sr/Jr Standing Counsels of CBEC dated 09.06.2016
Memeber(L&J)'s D.O.Letter and JS(Review) letter regarding withdrawal of deaptt. appeals from CESTAT and HC
Date of filing of appeals in supreme court w.e.f 19/08/2014
   Covering letter   |    Covering letter   |    Appeal filed by BK Prasad   |   
Instructions dt. 27-Apr-2016 regarding monetary limit for filing appeal in the Tribunal / Court
Letter dated 09.02.2016 on withdrawal of appeals pending before CESTAT
Letter regarding list of cases where departmental appeals dismissed & party appeals allowed from 2011 to 2015
   Departmental Appeal Dismissed 2011 to 2015    |    Party Appeal Allowed 2011 to 2015
   Dept. Allowed & Party dismissed cases 2011 Jan to Oct 2015
List of the cases in which no SLPs/CAs on merit pertaining to Legal cell and Judicial cell for the period 01.01.2015 to 30.11.2015
List of cases where Board decided not to file CAs and SLPs in Supreme Court on account of low amount involved for the period from 01.02.2014 to 30.11.2015
Instruction issued by Member L&J/IT
High Court Data Base
Monthly Report of cases heard/decided in the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the month of March, 2017
Terminal List 2016
List of cases in which SLPs_CAs have not been filed
Orders accepted by Department
Decisions of High Court and CESTAT against which Board has decided not to file Special Leave Petition or Civil Appeal in Supreme Court
Pre-figured alpha-numeric code for all Commissionerates/Commissioners (Adjudication)
Orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court
Standard Operating Procedures on Litigation in Appellate Forum

* Kindly go through the lists available on Supreme Court's web site

for identifying cases pertaining to your charge as the lists are only indicative in nature