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Date of Uploading Brief Description
31-07-2017 Yearly report on Actual Expenditure on Pay & Allowances for the year 2016-17
27-07-2017 Online portal for monitoring the EFC/SFC/PIB proposals
26-07-2017 Re-organisation of CBEC field formations in GST regime-merger/creation of DDO for making expenditure
26-07-2017 Reminder-2 of Allotment of DDO Codes consequent to restructuring as GST Commissionerates w.e.f. 01.07.2017-reg
25-07-2017 E-Procurement in the new GST formations under CBEC
20-07-2017 Reminder I- Allotment of DDO Codes consequent to restructuring of Commissionerate w.e.f. 01.07.2017
14-07-2017 Allotment of DDO Codes consequent to restructuring of Commissionerates w.e.f. 01.07.2017
27-06-2017 Member's DO letter for the jurisdictions of CGST Zones and Commissionerates.
27-06-2017 Continuation of waiver from the payment of cost recovery charges in respect of ICDs/CFSs etc.
26-06-2017 Proper officers in GST Act/Rules
23-06-2017 Budgetary Authorities in GST formations & information for revised allocation of funds to new formations
22-06-2017 Letters regarding revision in Vehicle deployment Policy, 2017 in GST regime
Pr. CC or CC (Central Excise)    |    Directorate General    |    CC, Customs    |    Commissioner OR ADG
22-06-2017 CVC advise to initiate systematic improvements in tendering process
CVC Circular    |    CVC OM PreQualification
21-06-2017 DO letter cum Advisory issued by Member (Cus) on GST related changes
15-06-2017 Letter reg. Swachhta Action Plan
15-06-2017 Changes in Budgetary Authorities and reporting of expenditure as on 30th June, 2017
24-05-2017 Clarification regarding continuation of existing contractual arrangement for hired vehicles before transition to GST regime
23-05-2017 Continuation of posts on Cost Recovery basis in respect of customs facilities
22-05-2017 Proposals for enhancing the safety and security of women using " Nirbhaya Fund"
18-05-2017 Cases of appointment on the basis of false caste certificate
16-05-2017 Providing building wise details of Formations and sanctioned strength in various Cadres
D.O Letter   |   Letter   |   Annexure-A   |   Annexure-B   |  
12-05-2017 All Principal CC/DG are required to sent data on vacant land and hired premises by 22.05.2017.
12-05-2017 Enhancement of Financial Powers of the Head of the Departments for hiring of new office premises for GST formations in FY 2017-18
01-05-2017 Letter regarding Domestic preferences in Public Procurement
26-04-2017 Training circular on "Banking Operations and Fiscal Laws Enforcement" at State Bank Staff College, Hyderabad from 19th June to 23rd June, 2017 for invitation of nominations from Gazetted officers.
Part-I   |   Part-II   |  
26-04-2017 Letter Regarding request for change in organisation of GST fromations for facilitation of Trade & Industry with a view to ensure ease of doing business.
25-04-2017 Data Sharing- Compliance of the IT Act, 2000 and Aadhaar Act, 2016
20-04-2017 Inviting proposals under scheme of " Moderisation of Government offices" under Department of Administrative reforms and public grievances for the year 2017-18
12-04-2017 Circular from DG HRD regarding utilization of funds Under O.E. (Gen.) for OUTREACH PROGRAMMES FOR GST
10-04-2017 D.O. Letter of Director General, DGHRD regarding non-registration of 408 DDOs on BHAVISHYA portal

List of non-registered DDOs

03-04-2017 Letter dt. 31-03-2017 from DGHRD regarding 'Annual Vehicle Report'
03-04-2017 Covering letter dt. 31-03-2017 from DGHRD regarding 'Vehicle Deployment Policy, 2017'
31-03-2017 Final Vehicle Deployment Policy, 2017
31-03-2017 Infrastructure proposals relating to formations in GST regime
28-03-2017 Circular dated 16.03.2017 regarding Important information for all voter ID card holders
27-03-2017 Office Order dated 24.03.2017 by the Member (Budget & GST) communicating the constitution of the GST Working Groups
24-03-2017 Circular dt. 24-03-2017 from DGHRD reg. financial requirement for 2016-17 Demand No. 39 - Indirect Taxes
21-03-2017 Intimation regarding change of office address-DRI, Sub-Regional Unit, Gorakhpur
17-03-2017 O.M. regarding invitation for free research proposal from officers of CBDT and CBEC
09-03-2017 Letter regarding RE Ceilings 2016-17 under Grant No. 39 (Indirect Taxes)
08-03-2017 Blacklisting/debarment of M/s Vishal International from participating in tender process for a period of three years w.e.f. 8.12.2016
08-03-2017 Blacklisting of NGO namely Senapati Bapat Nagri Sahakari Patanstha Maryadit.
08-03-2017 Implementation of Comprehensive end-to-end e-procurement
06-03-2017 Final Requirement 2016-17 - Demand No. 39 - Indirect Taxes
27-02-2017 Revised Budget Estimates 2016-17- Reduction of Grant under Object Head - "Salary"
27-02-2017 Suggestions are invited from the CBEC formations on Draft Vehicle Deployment Policy 2017 by 15.03.2017 through e mail :
Forwarding letter   |   Draft Policy
23-02-2017 Transfer of vacant surplus salt land at places other than Mumbai and its suburbs for public purpose
Part-I   |   Part-II   |   Part-III   |   Part-IV
20-02-2017 Selection of IRS (C&CE) Officers for COIN postings
Circular   |   Annexure
15-02-2017 TIME BOUND - Final Requirement for 2016-17
08-02-2017 Selection of IRS (C&CE) Officers for COIN postings
Circular   |   Annexure
03-02-2017 Furnishing of Immovable Property Returns in respect of IRS (C&CE) Group A officers
19-01-2017 Orders relating to the National Anthem of India
12-01-2017 Board office circular dt. 7-12-2016 regarding clarification on MACP - Grant of 3rd MACP to the Superintendents in CBEC who have granted NFG in GP of Rs. 5400/- in PB-2
12-01-2017 Fund allocated under O.E. (Gen.) for "Outreach Programmes for GST"
09-01-2017 Constitution of working Group for effective implementation of Article 1 of Trade facilitation Agreement
26-12-2016 Remittance into Govt. account and redrawal there from of cash in the form of bank notes of denominations of the existing series of Rupees 500/- and 1000/-
20-12-2016 O.M. regarding economy in use of paper - Digitisation of publications to save on stationery and expenditure
20-12-2016 Guidelines for setting up and allotment of departmental hostel accommodation facilities under CBEC
20-12-2016 Circular from DGHRD (I& W Wing) regarding offer for providing accommodation service by M/s. OYO Ltd.
20-12-2016 Circular from DGHRD regarding proforma for information of motor vehicles deployed in CBC formations
15-12-2016 OM for Procurement using Government e-Marketplace(GeM)
File1   |   File2
14-12-2016 Board office (Legal Cell) letter dt. 01-12-2016 regarding need for timely forwarding proposal for fresh appointment/extension of tenure of SPPs handling CBEC cases
08-12-2016 Instructions from DGHRD regarding economy in use of paper
08-12-2016 Clarification on MACP - grant of 3rd MACP to the Supdts. in CBEC
01-12-2016 Information of Motor Vehicles deployed in CBEC formations
28-11-2016 Grant of Advances as per Seventh Pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to rules 21(5) of compendium of Rules on Advances to Government Servants
25-11-2016 Regarding International Customs Day Celebration to be organised on 27th January, 2017
24-11-2016 OM dt. 07-11-2016, regarding celebration of Constitution Day
23-11-2016 OM regarding salary advance for the month of November 2016 to be paid to Non Gazetted employees of Central Government
22-11-2016 Regarding Swachhta Action Plan with activities/projects for Swachhta for F.Y 2017-18 and 2018-19
21-11-2016 Republic Day-2017 - Issue of invitation cards - English    |    Hindi
16-11-2016 All the Commissionerates of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax to furnish information for upgradation of IT infrastructure under project 'Saksham' as per letter dated 08.11.2016 of ADG (Systems)
04-11-2016 Permission to M/s TCL for site survey at 150 site locations of customs, central excise and service tax field formations for alternate bandwidth connectivity
25-10-2016 Inter-se seniority of Direct recruits & Promotees as per N.R Parmar Case Judgement
24-10-2016 Abolition of few Advances as per Seventh Pay Commission recommendations- Amendment to Rules of Compendium of Rules on Advances to Government Servants
20-10-2016 General Guidelines on E-Procurement
23-09-2016 Review committee of Chief Commissioners of Central Excise, Service Tax and Customs
22-09-2016 Framing of Inter Commissionerate Tranfer (ICT) in pursuance of order of Hon'ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench-reg.
01-09-2016 Status of cost recovery charges to be deposited by custodians in customs facilities
      Annexure-A   |    Annexure-B
29-08-2016 Urgent requirement of details of Drawback DDOs - regarding
22-08-2016 Clarification regarding sanction of staff cars for entitled officers in the restructured CBEC offices and hiring of vehicles
19-08-2016 Letter dt. 12-08-2016 regarding hiring of Operational Vehicles by field formations Corrigendum,   dt. 19-08-2016 Corrigendum,   dt. 23-08-2016

Letter from DGHRD (I&W wing) regarding reconciliation of Personal Deposit Account operated by HoDs for C &CE Welfare Fund

Letter dt. 29-07-2015    |    Letter dt. 10-07-2015
05-08-2016 Board office (Legal Cell) instructions dt. 29-07-2016 regarding filing of reply/counter affidavit & imposing heavy cost to be recovered from the officer concerned
05-08-2016 Board office (Legal Cell) instructions dt. 29-07-2016 regarding unified stand of Ministries/Departments in litigation; resolving the differences and common counter reply vetted through M/o. Law
03-08-2016 Letter dt. 02-08-2016 from DG HRD regarding installation of grid connected rooftop solar PV panels on Govt. buildings maintained by CPWD
21-07-2016 Re-categorization of existing Departmental Canteen/Tiffin Room
21-07-2016 National Carrier Service(NCS) Project
21-07-2016 Request for sponsoring officers for the position of Senior Vice President(Finance)-cum-Chief Finance Officer(CFO) to be filled on deputation basis in Goods and Services Tax Network(GSTN)
19-07-2016 Regarding issue of defending the interest of UoI by M/o Law appointed Counsels in Indirect Tax matters
15-07-2016 Installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar panels on Govt. Buildings maintained by CPWD
15-07-2016 Nomination of Officers for training on "e-Procurement"
11-07-2016 Draft Policy/Guidelines for setting up of Sanskriti type schools
08-07-2016 Implementation of end-to-end E-procurement
01-07-2016 Urgent provisioning of data by Central Excise field formations
01-07-2016 Board office (Legal Cell) letter no. F.No. 276/104/2016-CX.8A (Pt.)dated 01-July-2016 giving details of cases pending for adjudication and likely to be impacted by the judgment of the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi
30-06-2016 Special drive to resolve certain issues in drawback cases(941 KB)
24-06-2016 Information regarding properties hired by CBEC
23-06-2016 Circular No. 29/2016 dated 23.06.2016, reg. Grant of Reward to informers and Govt. Servants - amendment to existing Guidelines issued vide Circular No. 20/2015 dated 31.07.2015
23-06-2016 Letter dt. 23-June-2016 from JS (Review)
23-06-2016 Letter from DG HRD regarding "Service Charges" payable to local civic bodies to be booked under 'RRT' Object Head
22-06-2016 Reduction of Government litigation - withdrawal of appeals by Department before CESTAT/HC
   Annexure1   |    Annexure2
22-06-2016 Independence Day Reception
09-06-2016 Augmentation of Infrastructure in CBEC
02-06-2016 D.O. Letter F.No.296/99/2016-CX.9 dated 16th May,2016 regarding International Day of Yoga
27-05-2016 Independence Day 2016 Invitation
Proforma Eng   |   Proforma Hindi   |  
13-05-2016 SLP No.11671-11683/08 filed by Union of India & others Vs. A.Karunanidhi & others in Civil Appeal No. 2491-2503/2010
12-05-2016 Implementation of end to-end E-procurement with estimated tender value of Rs. 2 lakh or more
04-05-2016 Instruction dt. 14-01-2016 regarding Commissioning of surrogacy
04-05-2016 Strict adherence to prescribed time limit in filing of SLPs before Hon'ble Supreme Court
04-05-2016 70th Fellowship Programme of the World Customs organization
Board office circular   |   Administrative provisions   |   Objectives and Work   |  
Nomination Form
04-05-2016 Writ Petition No. 10559 & 10560/2015 (T-TAR) filed by M/s. HPCL & ANR., Mangaluru before the Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka
04-05-2016 Constitution of Committees to examine the proposals for write-off of irrecoverable arrears
04-05-2016 Analysis of reports uploaded on All India MPR
28-04-2016 Disbursement of financial assistance from the C & CE Welfare Fund from existing P D Accounts
27-04-2016 Minutes of meeting on Common Cadre & Recruitment Rules
27-04-2016 Minutes of meeting for software development
11-04-2016 Filing of Transfer Petition in Supreme Court and seeking vacation of stay against various High Court Orders staying the levy of Service Tax on legal services provided by Senior Advocate
08-04-2016 Transformation of DGS&D into Government e-Marketplace(GeM)
07-04-2016 Instructions on launching of Bhavishya software
06-04-2016 Instructions dt. 06-Apr-2016, from DG HRD, regarding installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV panels on Govt. owned Buildings
05-04-2016 Letter from DG HRD dt. 01-Apr-2016 regarding implementation /monitoring of Bhavishya software
01-04-2016 Letter from DG HRD dt. 01-Apr-2016 regarding hiring of vehicles under 'Office Expenses' '(MV)'
17-03-2016 O.M. dt. 08-Mar-2016 regarding monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations of TARC
17-03-2016 Office Order No. 1/2016 of Ad.IIA Section
16-03-2016 Ensuring compliance with Section 3(3) of Rajbhasha Adhiniyam 1963
16-03-2016 Board office letter dt. 11-Mar-2016 regarding action on grievances published in newspapers
16-03-2016 Board office letter dt. 15-Mar-2016 regarding follow up of the 1st meeting of Council for Trade Development
15-03-2016 Furnishing of details of vehicles deployment to Anti-smuggling unit, CBEC.
11-03-2016 Circular regarding WCO 2016 Photo Competition    |    Entry Form
10-03-2016 Revised scheme for awareness generation and publicity (AGP) administered by Deptt. of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
10-03-2016 Minutes of the meeting of All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers with Member (P&V)
09-03-2016 Bhavishya software implementation
09-03-2016 O.M. dt.07-Mar-2016
09-03-2016 Office Order dt. 02-Mar-2016
08-03-2016 D.O. letter from Member (CX) regarding setting up of call centers to monitor grievances
04-03-2016 Clarification for the purpose of obtaining concurrence of the Chief Commissioner for accepting the final orders of the CESTAT
04-03-2016 Minimum Import Price on Iron & Steel under Ch. 72 of ITC (HS)- 2012
04-03-2016 Review for prices of essential commodities and progress of procurement of pulses.
03-03-2016 Strengthening of administration- Periodical Review under FR 56 (j) and Rule 48 of CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972
03-03-2016 Procedure for selection of Special Public Prosecutors (SPPs) for handling CBEC cases before the Subordinate Courts/Courts of Session and High Court
03-03-2016 D.O Letter No. 22121/FS/15 dated 31.12.2015
02-03-2016 Regarding verification of qualifying service after 18 years service and 5 years before retirement
02-03-2016 Discontinuation of interview at junior level posts in the Govt. of India recommendations of Committee of Secretaries(CoS)
02-03-2016 Revised Scheme for Awareness Generation & Publicity (AGP) administered by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
02-03-2016 Relaxation of provisions of existing RRs for the post of Inspector (CX), Inspector (PO) and Inspector (Examiner) under CBEC
01-03-2016 Furnishing of IPRs in respect of IRS(C&CE) officers
01-03-2016 Court Cases filed by Government servants and various employees association in which Dop&T is made contemner while it could be decided by concerned administrative Ministries/Departments
01-03-2016 Regarding on-line system for monitoring of Court Cases - Imparting of Training
22-02-2016 Review of mechanisms to ensure probity among Govt. Servants
22-02-2016 Instructions dt. 19.02.2016, regarding time-bound settlement of medical reimbursement
17-02-2016 Annual Statement regarding the representation of SCs, STs, OBCs and PWDs as on 01.01.2016 in proforma–I and II
15-02-2016 Action Taken by the govt. on the observations/recommendations contained in their 20th Report of the PAC on Non-compliance by the Ministries/ Deptt.
11-02-2016 Circular regarding implementation/monitoring of Bhavishya software online Pension Processing & Payment tracking System)
10-02-2016 Furnishing of Immovable Property Returns (IPRs) in respect of IRS (C&CE) Group 'A' officers
09-02-2016 Review of process of revision of disbursement of arrears of pension to the concerned pre-2006 pensioners
05-02-2016 Notification 05/2016 regarding voluntary retirement of Shri M.P. Madhavan, Asst. Dir.
04-02-2016 Furnishing of Immovable Property Returns (IPRs) in respect of IRS (C&CE) Group 'A' officers
04-02-2016 Monthly report on disciplinary cases to be submitted to DoP&T- Review of mechanisms to ensure probity among Government Servents
01-02-2016 Grievance Analysis and Systematic Reforms Recommendation
01-02-2016 Office Order No.8/2016 dated 01.02.2016, regarding Periodical Review of performance of government servants in terms of FR 56(j), FR 56(l) and Rule 48 (1)(b) of CCS Pension Rules, 1972
    Corrigendum(272 KB), dated 05-02-2016
01-02-2016 Recommendations of the Committee to analyse the reasons for less employability of SCs, STs, OBCs & Persons with Disabilities in Govt Sector and Remedial measures
01-02-2016 Constitution of Review Committee on 56J under Rule 48(1)(b)
27-01-2016 Office Order regarding Change of Name of Ms. Meenu S. Kumar
27-01-2016 OM dt. 11-Jan-2016 regarding GPF and Pension benefits to Casual labour
15-01-2016 Implementation of comprehensive end-to-end e-procurement
15-01-2016 Notice for Satyagraha on 17.01.2016 by CX Suptd.
07-01-2016 Office Order No 24/2015 dated 17.12.2015 reg. Review Committee of Commissioners of Central Excise, service Tax and Customs
06-01-2016 Corrigendum to Order F.No. C-11016/2/2007 AD V dated 13.07.2010
05-01-2016 Notification No. 01/2016 TO 11/2016, dt. 04-01-2016 regarding Unauthorised absence of Group A officers of Customs and Central Excise
01-12-2015 Standard Operating Procedures on Litigation in Appellate Forum
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