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  • Urgent provisioning of data by Central Excise field formations/LTUs in respect of various models of cars exported during July-December 2015-Please provide requisite data by 10.7.2016 positively - for details  Click here
  • The last date for excise registration and duty payment for jewellers has been extended - for details  Click here
  • Launch of special drive from 1.7.2016 to 30.9.2016 to resolve certain issues in Drawback cases, for details click here
  • Departmental exam for promotion of Ministerial Officers (TA & TA) during August 2016 - see details under Departmental Officers> Examinations>Departmental Examinations
  • D.O.Letter dated 20.06.2016 from Member (CX) relating to Model GST Law has been uploaded on Antarang under the Group 'Board'
  • The presentations made during राजस्व ज्ञान संगम -Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2016 have been uploaded on Antarang under the Group 'Board'. Please visit
  • Comments/Suggetions invited on Draft circular on proposed revised AEO scheme --see details under "Public Information"
  • Model GST Law is now available under "GST"
  • Immediate Attention: Latest Instructions issued on 13.06.2016 for Dept. Exam. of Inspectors starting from 21.06.2016. Please visit at
  • “राजस्वज्ञानसंगम– Annual Conference of Tax Administrators 2016 –See Departmental Officer
  • Action Plan for 2016-17 has been uploaded on ANTARANG at
  • New Accounting Codes have been allotted to Krishi Kalyan Cess - 00441509(Tax Receipts), 00441510 (Other Receipts), 00441512 (Penalties). Assessees may tender their payments through EASIEST website - ( )
  • Notification for new warehousing provision has been issued. Please see under - Citizen's Corner
  • Invitation to participate in pre-RFP of CBEC's Business Intelligence Application
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