Central Excise Notifications issued before the year 2000  

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Central Excise Tariff

37/99-C.E., dated 15-9-1999 Exemption to computer and computer peripherals donated by a unit operating under 100% EOU, STP, EHTP and EPZ
34/99-C.E., dated 21/7/1999 Ashok Paper Mills (Bihar Unit) situated in Darbangha in the State of  Bihar - Exemption. 
33/99-C.E., dated 8-7-1999 Specified goods of factories in North Eastern states - Exemption
32/99-C.E., dated 8-7-1999 Growth Centre/Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre/Export Promotion Industrial Park/ Industrial Estates/Industrial Area/Commercial Estates - Units located in.
15/99-C.E., dated 26-3-1999 Exemption - Cement cleared from the factory in bulk
13/99-C.E., dated28-2-1999 Exemption to goods designed and developed by public funded research institutions, national laboratories and universities and manufactured by an Indian company
24/98-C.E., dated 5-8-1998 Marine freight containers cleared from 100% EOU into DTA for exports - 
23/98-C.E., dated 1/8/1998 Defines 'Newsprint' for the purpose of the said chapter 48.
13/98-C.E., dated 2-6-1998 Effective rate of duty for specified goods manufactured in EOUs and EPZ
27/97-C.E., dated 7-5-1997 Pan Masala - Effective rate.
20/97-C.E., dated 11-4-1997 Effective rate of duty on Gold/Silver Jewellery, Broken stones or dead stock — Produced in EOU or EPZ and sold in India
10/97-C.E., dated 1-3-1997 Exemption to certain goods supplied to specified research institutions.
8/97-C.E., dated 1-3-1997 Effective rate of duty on certain goods produced in FTZ or EOU
6/97-C.E.,dated 1-3-1997 Exemption to specified goods if produced in EOU or FTZ
22/96-C.E., dated 23-7-1996 Exemption - Additional Duties of Excise (Goods of Special Importance) Act, 1957 (58 of 1957)
10/96-C.E., dated 23-7-1996 Exemption to goods consumed within the factory of their production in the manufacture of specified goods
9/96-C.E., dated 23-7-1996 Effective rate of Additional Duty.
108/95-C.E., dated 28-8-1995 Goods supplied to UN or an International Organisation
89/95-C.E., dated 18-5-1995 Exemption to waste, parings and scrap arising during manufacture of exempted goods.
67/95-C.E., dated 16-3-1995 Exemption to capital goods and inputs if captively consumed within the factory of production.
65/95-C.E., dated 16-3-1995 Exemption to goods manufactured in factory's workshop and used for the maintenance of the machinery installed in the factory.
64/95-C.E., dated 16-3-1995 Goods supplied for defence and other specified purposes.
63/95-C.E., dated 16-3-1995 Exemption to goods manufactured by specified Units/Institutions for use by Government Department or Defence purposes
62/95-C.E., dated 16-3-1995 Exemption to goods manufactured by Central Government factories
10/95-C.E., dated 23-2-1995 Specified goods for acquaculture farm operating as 100% EOU
2/95-C.E., dated 4-1-1995 Exemption to all excisable goods produced in 100% EOU, FTZ, EHTP or STP units when sold in India
1/95-C.E., dated 4-1-1995 Exemption to goods meant for 100%EOUs.
138/94-C.E., dated 10-11-1994 Exemption to excisable goods meant for repairing, reconditioning and re-engineering
136/94-C.E., dated 10-11-1994 Exemption to specified goods brought into a 100% EOU
130/94-C.E., dated 21-9-1994 Exemption to goods required for Nuclear Fuel Complex
84/94-C.E., dated 11-4-1994 SSI - Job Work
83/94-C.E., dated 11-4-1994 SSI - Job Work
103/93-C.E., dated 27-12-1993 Exemption to rags, trimmings and tailor cuttings of readymade garments manufactured in a 100% EOU or a FTZ.
83/92-C.E., dated 16-9-1992 Exemption to goods captively consumed for clearances covered under certain notifications
74/93-C.E., dated 28-2-1993 Exemption to specified goods manufactured in a State Government factory and intended for use in any of its department
70/92-C.E., dated 17-6-1992 Exemption to goods manufactured in a factory as a job work and used by the specified undertakings
62/91-C.E., dated 25-7-1991 Exemption to improved chulhas
55/91-C.E., dated 25-7-1991 Exemption from additional duty to goods produced or manufactured in a 100% EOU
147/89-C.E., dated 19-5-1989 Exemption to excisable capital goods, components etc. brought for use in the manufacture of jewellery for export
146/89-C.E., dated 19-5-1989 Exemption to excisable goods brought to any gem and jewellery units set up in SEEPZ
145/89-C.E., dated 19-5-1989 Exemption - removed for sale, in foreign currency, to the duty free shops at Customs airports.
88/88-C.E., dated 1-3-1988 Certain specified goods manufactured in rural areas by Co-operatives / K.V.I.C., etc.
198/87-C.E., dated 28-8-1987 Exemption to specified products of village industry
397/86-C.E., dated 26-8-1986 Declaration of Cochin EPZ as FTZ.
221/86-C.E., dated 2-4-1986 Set-off of duty on specified goods
214/86-C.E., dated 25-3-1986. Exemption to specified items if manufactured in a factory as a job work and used in the manufacture of final products.
167/86-C.E., dated 1-3-1986 Exemption to specified goods produced without the aid of power
76/86-C.E., dated 10-2-1986 Exemption to certain specified goods.
215/84-C.E., dated 9-11-1984 Exemption to certain goods if cleared for display in any fair or exhibition
124/84-C.E., dated 26-5-1984 Exemption notifications not to apply to goods produced in a hundred per cent export-oriented undertaking
82/84-C.E., dated 31-3-1984 Exemption to certain raw materials cleared for repair of goods.
263/79-C.E., dated 22-9-1979 Exemption for goods sent abroad as exhibits.
313/77-C.E., dated 8-11-1977 Exemption on Packing Materials.
115/75-C.E., dated 30-4-1975 Products of certain industries exempted.
167/71-C.E., dated 11-9-1971 Exemption to technical educational & research institutes.
68/63-C.E., dated 4th May, 1963 Extending provisions of certain Sections of the Customs Act to Central Excise.

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