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Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Excise & Customs

North Block, New Delhi.

19th November, 2009.



All Chief Commissioners of Customs.

All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise.

All Commissioners of Customs.

All Commissioners of Customs (Export).

All Commissioners of Customs / Central Excise (Prev.).



                Subject:  Export of Edible Oil in branded packs of upto 5 Kg. – regarding.


Sir / Madam, 



            In continuation of Board’s instructions of even number dated 3.2.2009, please find enclosed herewith a copy of DGFT’s O.M.F.No.01/91/171/27/AM10/Export Cell dated 18.11.2009 on the above mentioned subject.


2.         The DGFT has cited its Notification No.60 dated 20.11.2008 on the above mentioned subject allowing export of edible oils in branded consumer packs of 5 Kgs. subject to a quantitative limit of 10,000 MTs till 31.10.2009.  Such exporters were allowed from Customs EDI ports only.


3.         Now, the DGFT has stated that export of 9365.76 MTs of edible oil has already been made till 31.10.2009 and as such, export of edible oils exempted as above need to be stopped forthwith from all Ports and no further exports should be permitted beyond the limit of 10,000 MTs.  The DGFT has requested the Board to ensure that the quantitative limit of 10,000 MT is not breached.  


 4.        In view of the above, you are requested to take further necessary action in the matter at the earliest, accordingly. 


Yours faithfully,


(M.M. Parthiban)

Director (Customs)

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