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  • Departmental exam for promotion of Ministerial Officers (TA & TA) during August 2016 - see details under Departmental Officers> Examinations>Departmental Examinations
  • D.O.Letter dated 20.06.2016 from Member (CX) relating to Model GST Law has been uploaded on Antarang under the Group 'Board'
  • The presentations made during राजस्व ज्ञान संगम -Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2016 have been uploaded on Antarang under the Group 'Board'. Please visit
  • Comments/Suggetions invited on Draft circular on proposed revised AEO scheme --see details under "Public Information"
  • Model GST Law is now available under "GST"
  • Immediate Attention: Latest Instructions issued on 13.06.2016 for Dept. Exam. of Inspectors starting from 21.06.2016. Please visit at
  • “राजस्वज्ञानसंगम– Annual Conference of Tax Administrators 2016 –See Departmental Officer
  • Action Plan for 2016-17 has been uploaded on ANTARANG at
  • New Accounting Codes have been allotted to Krishi Kalyan Cess - 00441509(Tax Receipts), 00441510 (Other Receipts), 00441512 (Penalties). Assessees may tender their payments through EASIEST website - ( )
  • Notification for new warehousing provision has been issued. Please see under - Citizen's Corner
  • Invitation to participate in pre-RFP of CBEC's Business Intelligence Application
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Circular No. Date File No. Subject
15-06-2016 F.No. 137/62/2015-Service Tax Refund claims under rule 5 of the CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004
26-05-2016 F.No. 354/31/2016-TRU Accounting code for payment of Krishi Kalyan Cess
18-05-2016 F.No. 356/1/2016-TRU Clarification regarding leviability of service tax in respect of services provided by arbitral tribunal and members of such tribunal
13-04-2016 F.No. 334/8/2016-TRU Clarification on issues regarding levy of Service Tax on the services provided by Government or a local authority to business entities
29-03-2016 F.No. 137/155/2012-Service Tax (Pt-II) Regarding extension of e-payment deadline and of banking hours
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Date of issue File No. Subject
31-05-2016 F. No. B-1/19/2016 -TRU Enactment of Finance Bill, 2016
13-04-2016 F No 390/CESTAT/24/2016-JC Regarding decision of the CESTAT Final Order No 40344/2016 in case of Commissioner of Customs (Import) Vs Do Best Infoway
17-03-2016 F.No.390/Review/36/2014-JC Review under Section 129A (2) or Section 129D of the Customs Act, 1962, Section 35B (2) or Section 35E of the Central Excise Act, 1944 and Section 86 (2A) or Section 86 (2) of Finance Act, 1994
04-02-2016 F.No.390/Misc./163/2010-JC Reduction of Government litigation - withdrawal of appeals by the Department before CESTAT
28-01-2016 D.O.F.No. 390/Misc/163/2010-JC D.O. Letter from Member(L&J) regarding withdrawal of appeals before HC/CESTAT
21-01-2016 F.No.390/Misc./163/2010-JC Report in respect of withdrawal of department's appeals pending before HC/CESTAT
20-01-2016 F.No.354/311/2015-TRU Report of the High Level Committee; recommendation regarding valuation of flats for levy of Service Tax
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