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  • Indirect Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme, 2016-DO from Chairman - See Departmental Officers for details
  • Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar and Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal have been appointed as Hon'ble Ministers of State for Finance
  • DO from Chairman on Taxpayer Experience Survey by FICCI-KPMG along with ""The Report on Taxpayers’ Experience Survey, 2016 conducted FICCI-KPMG"" have been uploaded on Antarang. Please visit
  • The Minutes of राजस्व ज्ञान संगम - Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2016 held from 16th-18th June, 2016 have been uploaded on Antarang. Please visit
  • Urgent provisioning of data by Central Excise field formations/LTUs in respect of various models of cars exported during July-December 2015-Please provide requisite data by 10.7.2016 positively - for details  Click here
  • The last date for excise registration and duty payment for jewellers has been extended - for details  Click here
  • Launch of special drive from 1.7.2016 to 30.9.2016 to resolve certain issues in Drawback cases, for details click here
  • Departmental exam for promotion of Ministerial Officers (TA & TA) during August 2016 - see details under Departmental Officers> Examinations>Departmental Examinations
  • D.O.Letter dated 20.06.2016 from Member (CX) relating to Model GST Law has been uploaded on Antarang under the Group 'Board'
  • The presentations made during राजस्व ज्ञान संगम -Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2016 have been uploaded on Antarang under the Group 'Board'. Please visit
  • Comments/Suggetions invited on Draft circular on proposed revised AEO scheme --see details under "Public Information"
  • Model GST Law is now available under "GST"
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Circular No. English Hindi Date of issue File No. Subject
33/2016 View(246 KB) 22-07-2016 F.No:450/179/2009-Cus.IV(Pt) Review of entity based facilitation programmes viz. Accredited Client Programme (ACP) and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programme — Revised Guidelines.
32/2016 View(135 KB) 13-07-2016 F.No:473/05/2015-LC Procedure regarding Duty Free Shops
31/2016 View(59 KB) 06-07-2016 F. No. 473 / 05 / 2015 – LC Sale of goods at Duty Free Shops in Indian Currency
30/2016 View(08 KB) देखें (188 KB) 24-06-2016 F. No. 609/35/2016-DBK Increase in All Industry Rates (AIR) of Duty Drawback on gold jewellery and silver jewellery/articles
29/2016 View(20 KB) 23-06-2016 F.No. 13011/01/2013-Cus (AS) Amendment to existing guidelines for grant of rewards to informers and Govt. servants
28/2016 View(124 KB) 14-06-2016 F.No.450/147/2015-Cus-IV Single Window Project - Simplification of procedure in SWIFT for clearance of consignments related to drugs & cosmetics.
27/2016 View(139 KB) 10-06-2016 F. No. 484/31/2016 – LC Procedure to be followed by nominated agencies importing gold/silver/platinum under the scheme for 'Export Against Supply by Nominated Agencies'.
26/2016 View(147 KB) 09-06-2016 F. No. 484 / 30 / 2016- LC Form of application for a Licence under Public Warehousing Licensing Regulations, 2016 / Private Warehousing Regulations, 2016 / Special Warehousing Regulations, 2016.
25/2016 View(76 KB) 08-06-2016 F. No. 484 / 03 / 2015 – LC (Pt 1) Maintenance of records in relation to warehoused goods in electronic form, filing of returns and acknowledgement of receipt of goods
24/2016 View(68 KB) देखें (281 KB) 02-06-2016 F. No. 484 / 03 / 2015 – LC (Vol II) Requirement of Solvency Certificate for the purposes of Private Warehouse Licensing Regulations 2016
23/2016 View(34 KB) 01-06-2016 F. No. 473/20/2013-LC Manner of payment of interest on warehoused goods
22/2016 View(99 KB) देखें (218 KB) 31-05-2016 F. No. 484 / 03 / 2015 – LC (Vol II) Procedure regarding filing of ex-bond bill of entry
21/2016 View(79 KB) देखें (227 KB) 31-05-2016 F. No. 484 / 03 / 2015 – LC (Vol II) Security under section 59 (3) of the Customs Act
20/2016 View(138 KB) देखें (269 KB) 20-05-2016 F.No: 473/05/2015 – LC Clarification regarding transitional provisions relating to Duty Free Shops, Ship Stores, Airline Stores & Diplomatic Stores
19/2016 View(85 KB) 20-05-2016 F. No. 484 / 03 / 2015 – LC (Pt. 1) Regarding allotment of Warehouse Code for Customs Bonded Warehouses
18/2016 View(79 KB) देखें (78 KB) 14-05-2016 F.No.484/03/2015 – LC (Vol II) Amendment to Ch IX of the Customs Act, 1962 – Bond required to be filed under section 59
17/2016 View(56 KB) देखें (49 KB) 14-05-2016 F.No.484/03/2015 – LC(Vol II) Amendment to Ch IX of the Customs Act, 1962 – removal of goods from a customs station - instructions regarding affixation of one-time-lock
16/2016 View(30 KB) देखें (431 KB) 09-05-2016 F.No.603/01/2016-DBK Audit Report No.15/2011-2012, Section 2 - Duty Drawback Scheme: Re-export under section 74 of Customs Act 1962
15/2016 View(1620 KB) 03-05-2016 F. No. 13012/08/2015-Cus(AS) Regarding Instructions on monitoring of pendency in disbursal of rewards to informers
14/2016 View(88 KB) 27-04-2016 F. No. 450/183/2014-CusIV Regarding carriage of coastal cargo from one Indian port to another port in vessels carrying out coastal runs
13/2016 View(143 KB) 26-04-2016 F.No.450/178/2015-CUS-IV Regarding relaxation of Know Your Customer (KYC) norms
12/2016 View देखें (180 KB) 28-03-2016 F.No.605/67/2015-DBK Prevention of use of non-genuine transferable duty credit scrips or DFIA (duty free import authorizations)
11/2016 View (72 KB)   15-03-2016 F.No.450/190/2015-CusIV Clarification regarding other persons (co-noticees) used in sub-section (2) & sub-section (6) of the Section 28 of the Customs Act, 1962
10/2016 View (44 KB)   15-03-2016 F.No.450/147/2015-Cus-IV Implementing Integrated Declaration under the Indian Customs Single Window
09/2016 View   11-03-2016 F.No. 528/08/2014-STO (TU) Clarification with regard to classification of 'Wireless microphone sets/systems consisting of one or more wireless microphones and a wireless receiver'
08/2016 View   08-03-2016 F.No. 520/43/2015-Cus VI Dispensing of Customs Baggage Declaration Form for domestic passengers
07/2016 View   07-03-2016 F.No.450/172/2015-CUS-IV Issue of Indian Currency Note-Foreign going Vessel
06/2016 View (116 KB) देखें(337 KB) 09-02-2016 F.No. 609/98/2015-DBK Amendments effective 11.2.2016 to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback
05/2016 View (318 KB)   09-02-2016 F. No. 465/12/2010-Cus V Procedure for investigation of related party import cases and other cases by the Special Valuation Branches
04/2016 View (109 KB)   09-02-2016 F. No. 465/12/2010-Cus V Procedure for renewal of SVB orders and ongoing SVB inquiries under circular no. 11/2001 - Cus dated 23rd February 2001
03/2016 View (172 KB)   03-02-2016 F.No.450/147/2015-Cus-IV Extending the Indian Customs Single Window to other locations and other Participating Government Agencies
02/2016 View   27-01-2016 F.No. 450/141/2015-Cus.IV Clearance of Livestock and Livestock products
01/2016 View(141 KB) 06-01-2016 F.No. 450/25/2009-Cus.IV (Pt. II) Regarding 24x7 clearance
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Instructions Search:
S.No. File.No Date of issue Subject
24 F. No. 528/43/2016-STO (TU) 20-07-2016 Regarding extension of benefit of Notification No. 24/2005 on micro/mini SD card
23 F.No. 450/145/2015-Cus-IV 15-06-2016 Regarding Single Window Project - Referral of imported consignments to PGAs
22 F. No. 401/69/ 2016- Cus III 22-04-2016 Regarding re-crediting Bond value in online running bond at destination Air Cargo Complex
21 F. No. 401/69/ 2016- Cus III 22-04-2016 Regarding insistence on documents of registration where not required
20 F No 390/CESTAT/24/2016-JC 13-04-2016 Regarding decision of the CESTAT Final Order No 40344/2016 in case of Commissioner of Customs (Import) Vs Do Best Infoway
19 F.No. DGEP/G&J/16/2009Pt.II/1941, 1943 to 1957 03-12-2014 Withdrawal of 20:80 scheme by RBI
18 F.No.307/22/2015-SO (PAC-Customs) 12-04-2016 23rd Report of PAC (16th lok Sabha) on ICES 1.5 based on C&AG Report No. 11 of 2014
17 F. No. 450/179/2015- Cus.IV 11-04-2016 Import/Exports of Gifts by courier
16 F.No 528/15/2016-STO (TU) 08-04-2016 Regarding Clarification on availability of benefit under Notification No. 151/94-Cus dated 13.07.1994
15 F.No. 450/147/2015-Cus-IV 31-03-2016 Regarding implementation of 'Integrated Delcaration'
14 F.No.390/Review/36/2014-JC 17-03-2016 Review under Section 129A (2) or Section 129D of the Customs Act, 1962, Section 35B (2) or Section 35E of the Central Excise Act, 1944 and Section 86 (2A) or Section 86 (2) of Finance Act, 1994
13 F.No.450/147/2015-CUS-IV 26-02-2016 Regarding Single Window Project-Problems in clearance of Ex-Bond Bills of Entry in on-line clearance facility
12 F.No.450/15/2016-CUS-IV 17-02-2016 Minimum Import Price (MIP) on Iron and Steel under Chapter 72 of ITC (HS), 2012- Schedule-I (Import Policy): amendment in Import Policy Conditions
11 DGEP/FTP/07/2015 15-02-2016 Regarding process of extension of re-warehousing period of Bonded capital goods
10 DGEP/FTP/07/2015
F. No. DGEP/FTP/07/2015
Regarding practice of issuance of Procurement Certificate (P.C) and obtaining countersignature of Jurisdictional AC/DC    Corrigendum
9 F.No. 450/117/2013-Cus IV 14-01-2016 Regarding Request to provide port wise details of unclaimed containers of plant and plant products
8 F.No. 450/214/2015-Cus IV 04-01-2016 Regarding Green Channel facility for Cruise Tourism passengers
7 F.No. 450/25/2013- Cus IV 13-01-2016 Order F.No.P-15025/44/2014-FQC dated 29.12.2015 of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
6 F.No. 450/25/2013- Cus IV 13-01-2016 F.No. 1-1264/FSSAI/Imports/2015 dated 21.12.2015 regarding Rectifiable and Non-Rectifiable Labelling requirements issued by Director (Imports), FSSAI
5 F.No. 450/25/2013- Cus IV 13-01-2016 F.No. 1-1264/FSSAI/Imports/2015 dated 21.12.2015 regarding Structure for appeal against the decision of Authorised Officers
4 F.No.390/Misc./163/2010-JC 04-02-2016 Reduction of Government litigation – withdrawal of appeals by the Department before CESTAT
3 D.O.F.No. 390/Misc/163/2010-JC 28-01-2016 D.O. Letter from Member(L&J) regarding withdrawal of appeals before HC/CESTAT
2 F.No.390/Misc./163/2010-JC 21-01-2016 Report in respect of withdrawal of department's appeals pending before HC/CESTAT
1 F.No.390/Misc./163/2010-JC 01-01-2016 Reduction of Government litigation - providing monetary limits for filing appeals by the Department before CESTAT/High Courts and Supreme Court
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